There is this feeling of wandering, of traversing, of adventure. It’s different yet surreal because wandering takes you to places you have never been & lets you experiment. The same is with fashion. When you style, pair, buy new clothes it all seems like an adventure. In fact, it allows you to discover yourself better, fill you with joy & surrealness. Gradually, the urge to explore diverse clothing, try different silhouettes, and style uniquely increases, just like your love for travel. 

But when you see deeply, you realize that all of this is an adventure in itself & so is FASHION!


You experiment. You explore. 
You are always willing to try something new. 
You bring the old in a new style. 
You care for your clothes. 
You try to stand out. 
You have the perfect accessories in your mind to pair. 
You are organized. 
You sort your vacation outfits.

We know we are speaking your heart out. That’s because, like you, we too like to wander. Wander with styles that refresh you, wander with colors that rejuvenate you, wander with fabrics that soothe you. In fact, we wander with fashion that instills an urge within us to dive & explore intensely the treasure house of fashion that’s SUSTAINABLE.

On our journey, time and again, we land at beautiful curations that remind us how beautiful & complete nature is. Here are some Shibui designs that complete your travel with a feeling of warmth, adventure & style!


Inspired by the unshakable mangrove trees that can withstand conditions many trees couldn’t, we have our ALL-TIME BEST SELLER Mangrove Dress. An evergreen color extracted ethically from madder root dyed onto khadi fabric to nurture fashion as much as we nurture nature. Semi-long, spaced-out sleeves & distinct collar dotted with minimal hand embroidery allow you to embark on your evergreen journey.


Bringing the energy of a gorgeous city, Tulum in our vibrant top wrapped in Tencel & dipped in chemical-free dyes in sunrise yellow & sunset orange. Well structured like the Mayan Caves in Tulum, this crop top has a perfect V-neck, just so-breezy sleeves like the Tulum beaches & a string at the back to give you the best fit so that you travel fearlessly on the streets & beaches of this beautiful world. Looks lovely when styled with our Tokyo Pants, or Clio Pants.


No trip is complete without a pair of comfy shorts. Am I right, or am I right?! 
Empowering you with the white power in our classic and relaxed wendy shorts that are a perfect pick both for your day spree or night parties. These all-rounder shorts look better when matched with an Ora bralette, Snow crop top, Gracy Bay top, Agnes shirt, or more. Nothing matches the versatility of white shorts as much as anything else.


Open up to the world of travel in minimalism with our Ora Bralette. Scintillating hues of indigo & rose pink make it so cute & adorable for daytime, beachy rides, long drives, or sightseeing. Not just that, it makes your outfit flawless for that poolside dinner date or dreamy proposal. Pair it up with our Albus Straight Pants, Wendy Shorts, Elements of Earth Pants, Bondi Pants, or Dual Slit Pants & enjoy your travel with utmost comfort. 

Well, there’s more that Shibui has to offer to our Sustainers. There’s more that makes Shibui a perfect travel partner for all personalities, all seasons & all locations. Check out our collections & store for more travel options.

So are you ready to sail boldly & beautifully on your next trip?