Sustainability has definitely become the talk of the town. But let us ask you this question?

Do you genuinely understand the meaning of the term ‘Sustainability?’

If you look at the word carefully, it is complete in itself, summing up the entire meaning of life in general.

The ability to sustain
The ability to preserve
The ability to maintain
The ability to conserve!

No, it is not enduring or unflattering. Rather, it is the beauty & simplicity that makes everyone’s life better every single day. By everyone, we mean humans, animals, plants, water, air, our planet!

You see, it is a loop. Normally, we want to come out of the loop as loops are degenerative, more like a vicious cycle. But, Shibui is stuck in another loop, a loop that actually creates a balance in life, balance in the ecosystem & balance on the planet. It is a loop that will not only leave us but our generations in profit.



Do you know for how long sustainability has been practiced?

Make a wild guess.

40 years.
80 years.
100 years.
200 years.

Since the beginning!!

It existed the moment the planet came into existence. When things weren’t according to convenience & comfort, people found out ways to sustain themselves. 

You see the life lead by our grandparents or great grandparents, it always revolved around minimizing the wastage & creating the best out of the waste:

  • using natural gas to cook
  • E al & traditional
  • using earthen pots to store & eat meals
  • wearing & maintaining nature-friendly fabrics (Even today, their sarees are something to die for!)
  • using flowers, fruits & herbs to maintain skin & hair health
  • growing food at the backyard without any chemicals, injections, pesticides; only natural fertilizers

They stayed very much in nature’s lap, so nature nurtured them. They enjoyed a healthy & long life without complaints even though they did not have today’s comfort.

But how to create this balance in today’s era?

By making a choice. By deciding that I want to come out of the selfish loop & focus on the sustainable loop that nourishes my beautiful planet.

Balancing my food 
Balancing my waste
Balancing my lifestyle 
Balancing my fashion needs
Balancing my carbon footprint

These choices create a 360-degree positive impact.

Economically - it reduces expenses.
Socially - it creates a green happy responsible atmosphere.
Environmentally - it allows all the natural resources to rest, grow & work at their own correct pace.

Power of three for empowering humankind!

We understand the importance. So it did not take time for us to make a decision. Especially when we know that the fashion industry is the second in the world in creating pollution, especially microplastics (which never degrade & stay on the planet forever).

The choice to sustain
The choice to preserve
The choice to maintain
The choice to conserve
through our clothing practices. 

Now, it’s your turn. What choices are you making? What steps are you taking? What type of life are you leading?