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About Shibui

Shibui is sustainable clothing label spinning, minimal, contemporary and versatile designs, inspired by a Japanese philosophy of simple and aesthetic beauty. Our products are made from natural and sustainable material and we deeply care about the environment and its people. Keeping in with our principle all our garments are handcrafted, organic and functional apparel that does not harm the environment.           


Shibui was founded because of a deep love for all things handcrafted, especially clothing. Our handmade ensembles featuring organically-dyed raw fabrics are like precious gifts inspired from the bountiful nature. Local artisans associated with us put in a lot of hard work into making the clothes you love. 

Our respect for our workers truly emanates from a personal space. It's our way of staying rooted in the sacred connections we make at every step along the way while being conscious of our surroundings and giving back to communities involved in the process of closing the loop. Know about the hands that made your clothes.

“You get better choices if you ask the right questions.”