There are pretty common notions related to men’s clothing and fashion.

We don’t have many options. 
There are limited colors to choose from.
We don’t have versatile clothing. 
Either we wear them to work or to a club but CANNOT WEAR THEM AT BOTH!!

Moreover, men who are into sustainability find it laborious to buy ethical clothing as they are short of options.

Well, all the research and our analytical approach led us to dive deep into the men’s segment. We could not think of anything but reconstruction in men’s clothing. And that’s how, started our adventure of launching the Men’s collection - Vagabond, a synergistic blend of ethics & leisure for the men, but by the women of today.


By now, we are sure it’s easy for you to guess that all the clothing pieces at Shibui are developed with the help of organic fabrics. Not even a single thread is formed into clothes until it adds value to the ecosystem. Well, it’s the same for our men’s collection too!

Bringing comfort and freshness into clothing, we have used KHADI - handwoven fabric derived from organic cotton, to harmonize the threads into each other for the dapper look but in a natural way. 

Guess what?!

This fabric is an evergreen pick for any season. It gives you warmth in winter & leaves a soothing effect in summers!! So you can be assured of the clean, green, ethical & versatile clothing you are dressing in. Something, not just us, but you will be proud to carry. Something that represents responsibility along with reliability.


Well, the answer lies in the clothes themselves. 

Vagabond Collection is an eco-friendly & breathable alternative for all occasions so that you don’t have to be suited in discomfort. It’s soft, luminous, light, durable & adaptable, allowing you to recreate your own fashion statement and style.

The colors like Earth Brown, Forest Green, Everyday Blue & Weekend Mustard offer you newness with minimalism so that neither you look overdressed nor underdressed, but just PERFECT for your date, the big meeting, or the beach look. It means you re-wear them yet look sassy & classy. 

Not just that, it offers you a choice that would make you feel homely, comfy & happy so that you can focus on other aspects!


Special is all that we look for.

Vagabond is that special you would surely like to have in your wardrobe. It’s a versatile segment of clothing for men with an artisanal touch that contradicts the common notions for men’s clothing. It’s the pursuit of bringing comfort to those (our marvelous men) who step out of their comfort zone every day without making mother nature uncomfortable.

Whether you are in your rocking 20s or golden 50s, Shibui is gonna style you in a way that will allow you to stand out from the crowd, be your best self & nurture mother earth. 

It’s an innovation aligned with modernism for the youth of today!

Men out there,

Style the Shibui Way!