Too many statements
Too many noises 
Too many thoughts 
Too many misconceptions 
& most importantly TOO MANY MYTHS!

Pretty understandable.
For us who live around sustainable fashion all the time, hearing all these is an everyday scenario. But, to clear your doubts, we are ready to take you on a tour of reality. Something that will open your mind and encourage you to consider your shopping choices & wardrobe mindfully!

To begin with, sustainable fashion is as simple as designing, manufacturing & distributing clothes in a planet-friendly way. Of course, there goes a lot behind the scenes in accomplishing a perfect sustainable clothing piece, but that does not call for confusion. Rather, that simplifies facts about Sustainable Fashion.

One by one, let us unlock the misconceptions of Sustainable Fashion. 
And we will also take you through the way Shibui is handling them! ;)


Starting with the most common delusion, sustainable fashion is only for the privileged class.

No! No! No! No!

Agreed that sustainable clothing is expensive compared to fast fashion clothes, but some reasons justify the price tag. Even if you are not revamping your wardrobe with all sustainable fabrics, simple steps like taking care of your existing clothes, making your capsule wardrobe, repairing & more also contribute to sustainability. The idea is to consume your clothes to the max and waste them the least.

Shibui follows all the ethics while designing & finishing clothing pieces. What makes it unique is that our team delves into research to bring our dream pieces affordably, making it easier for you to choose sustainable clothes.


Fun fact, Sustainable garments are more versatile & durable! 
First, there is a huge variety of colors, fabrics, prints & designs in sustainable clothing. Second, there are a zillion ways to style your sustainable apparel. It is not a one-time use or a very rare occasion pick. You can smartly style them & nail your look.

For instance, our Napa Long Shirt is best suited with denim, but you can also wear it with a belt as a lunch dress or pair it with Clio pants & silver jewelry for an Indian look. What every clothing assures is versatility & at the end of the day, it depends on your personal style!


Greenwashing means false claims or advertisements that mislead the consumers into believing that a brand is actually practicing sustainability. But in reality, for brands, it is a way to market themselves positively in society & deceive consumers. This trend is prevalent in the sustainable fashion industry. Hence, you have to be really cautious before you shop from a brand claiming themselves as sustainable and yet offering clothes at the rates and pace of fast fashion. 

We, as a brand, ensure transparency to our sustainers so that they understand the amount of effort our skilled kaarigars, designers, planners & other teams are putting in. For us, sustainability is not just a label, it is a mission & we stick right to it ethically.


It’s high time we stop considering sustainable fashion as a status symbol. It is time to look at sustainable fashion with a better or rather should call it the only correct perspective i.e. ecological symbol. Unlike fast fashion, sustainable practices save resources, nurture & sustain the beauty of both fashion & nature.

For instance, Shibui uses certified Tencel that assimilates into the soil without harming the Earth. The chemical-free dyes extracted from pomegranate seeds or madder roots that give color to Shibui dresses do not pollute the water. On the contrary, they allow us to value the gifts of nature more.


The fact is that sustainable garments are synonymous with high quality & easy maintenance. The word sustainable itself justifies that it sustains. Any fabric categorized as sustainable is sure to stay with you forever. It is just like your mom’s saree that never gets old & is always gold in all seasons. 

All you need to do is take good care of the fabric. Look after your clothes the way they demand and not recklessly. Then you can maintain an evergreen glow in your evergreen clothes. 

Shibui generally uses Khadi & Tencel to weave beautiful designs & these fabrics ensure longevity along with timelessness. 

We hope that we could undo all the myths formed in your heart. As much as you know, it is a gentle reminder that sustainability is a matter of choice and everyday habits. So let's debunk the thoughts that cage you from practicing sustainability and unlock the truths behind the same! 

Tadaaaa. See you soon! ;)