Well, we know it can be a bit overwhelming to understand the concept of a Sustainable Wardrobe. But, it is not as tough as you feel. All you need to do is broaden your horizons and choose ethical!

When we started choosing sustainable clothing, we did not spend our entire savings and salary on new clothes. Instead, we made a conscious decision to begin and stay consistent. It was a step-by-step journey of choosing a long-lasting product that enabled all Shibui girls to own sustainable, clean wardrobes. Something all of us are proud of!

Let’s take you on our journey, wherein we will also share some tips that we follow.


Be compassionate with the clothes in your wardrobe. Take utmost care of the current pieces you wear, even if they are sustainable or not. Repair what you can! Hand Wash for a long life! 

When you buy a product from Shibui, we try our best to educate you on prolonging the life of clothes you have purchased. The cool tags, beautiful thank you cards, product descriptions, and videos on social media instruct how to iron them, wash them, and care for them. After multiple interactions with our customers, we now understand that awareness inhibits mindless shopping and encourages essential clothes!


Shibui strongly believes in the philosophy of 3Rs. Reuse your clothing pieces by styling them in different ways rather than single-use. Repair -little sweeping and tailoring will repair your garment into new. Resell, or Donate, rather than dumping. 

When our design team plans the collection, their core is to craft durable pieces which you can style in various combinations. For instance, you can pair our Apricot Valley Dress ( with your favorite floral shrug for a lunch date, a beautiful flared long skirt for family functions, a blazer for an official meeting at the bay, and many more combinations.

Our minimalist and positively shaped silhouettes can be paired gracefully with each other or any other clothes in your wardrobes. The hues and designs are universal, curated mindfully to encourage sustainable usage.


When you step out or scroll through websites to buy your next set of clothing, choose sustainable brands that ensure clean clothing. Check whether they are working ethically, providing their laborers a fair wage, and are practicing chemical-free production.

At Shibui, our clothes come straight from the Earth, which has a soothing essence, and are breathable that restrains offhand shopping. All our collections will take you close to nature with its beauty.

We travel to various places, reach out to different workers and then design a handcrafted collection solely with a pure approach to ensure longevity wherein you can enjoy its freshness and walk around happy with its essence.


A glance at that little tag stitched inside the garment will help you to understand the fabric, colors, and care instructions for the garment. It will give you a clear insight into what you are buying.

At Shibui, all garments are handcrafted by our skilled kaarigars in the most natural and organic fabrics like Organic Cotton, Tencel, Khadi, and Organic Linen that promote longevity, minimalism, modernism, and sustainability. Our collections Forest Walk, Alchemy, Earth Stone, Ikat, and Sea Space are dyed in calm and soothing hues, finished most nobly without any damage to the environment that will never run out of fashion.


It is an interesting activity you should try every time you buy a garment or add a product to your wishlist. 

Ask yourself these questions

  • Can I wear this at least 30 times? 
  • Do I really need this clothing piece for more than one occasion?
  • Can I mix and match this garment with other pieces in my wardrobe? 
    We know this challenge is difficult. A funny story, sometimes we ourselves could wear a product 12 times and miss the shot. The other time, we reached 22, and then eventually, we realized that this activity is challenging, but it is achievable. 

    All you need to do is listen to the answers honestly and then buy.

    Team Shibui is fabricating timeless, flexible, and universal clothing. We care for your clothing needs just like we care for our planets' needs!

    Together, let us resolve to shatter the single-use trend, dump fast fashion, and foster minimalist living! Let us say a NO to Fast Fashion & YES to Conscious Style!!