When we time-travel to mid-century times & closely observe the era, we realize that it has so much to offer us. Grandeur, connectivity, warmth, class, so much more! Back then, people knew how to stay close to nature & bring that into every aspect of their lives, be it fashion, architecture, character, art or anything else.

Taking inspiration from the mid-century clothing styles & vibes, Shibui is here with its another collection that is really close to the heart, closer to nature & closest to the self - MODERN RUSTIC. Shades that instantly take us amidst nature, designs that are incredibly approachable & fabric that speaks elegance, Modern Rustic is a combination of minimalistic charm, agest warmth, sophisticated lines & intricate detailing. It is clothing that is naturally exquisite, unpretentious, and rich in itself! 

A secret: It’s our founder's favorite too! ;)
Want to know why? Dive in with us.


If you have a knack for detailing, you are at the perfect place. In this collection, you will find detailed & textured work bringing out the rustic charm. When you look at our Earth Shirt available in shades of Argan Brown & Ultimate Grey, you will come across little deep minimal frills laced all across the front to give a lift & a countryside look to it. The sleeves slam & jacket front in Reversible Shacket patterned with pintucks detailing, collar with clean & simple cuts make it a smart & classic design. Guess what? All the detailing is handmade, carefully bonded by our team of skilled kaarigars.


Modern Rustic is not only a game of earthy elements concocted with straight classic silhouettes. It is more than that! 
Modern Rustic is a character in itself. 

It is tradition mixed with novelty to make clothes naturally appealing. It is a home, curated by skillful hands, for both men and women of today. The blend of natural fall, straight cuts, long belts, traditional frills, & high collars dyed in chemical-free colors like Argan Brown, Ultimate Gray, White & Blue brings the feel, vibe & colors of beautiful nature straight to your closet. Check our Heather Pants, Sage Crop Jacket, Tera Tunic, Vest Pants & Blue Panel Pants! You are sure to fall in love!


We believe in making clothes not just for the sake of fashionable appeal but for innermost satisfaction & comfort. This collection is home to warmth, comfort, versatility, style & fashion. It is a complete package you can’t resist! Threaded into contemporary designs with 100% biodegradable Tencel Fabric & a touch of stone, clay, and warmth, it is a very versatile & trending collection suitable for all events. The highlight of the collection stands our Reversible Shacket dyed in a combination of two colors viz a viz Argan Brown & White and Ultimate Grey & Blue. So that you can have 4X usage with novelty. Another highlight is our three-piece co-ord sets to give you a feeling of power suiting along with the tenderness of nature. Rooting for less is more, Modern Rustic endows you with versatility, sleekness, style & comfort in less. 

We believe in designing clothes, that you wish to pick every time you open the closet for every occasion. We believe in curating pieces that automatically find a way to your hand whenever you step out of your house. Because we know such clothes are your happy mood & favorite friend that you relish always. With the hope that you find your friend & love, check out our range of Modern Rustic - Charm! Confidence! Completeness!