What a gorgeous dress! I should buy it.
The price for this top has dropped. Let me buy this too.
And what a gorgeous set of flowy trousers. Let me try whether this looks good on me or not.

Add to Cart. Order Place. Order Delivered.

The top is not looking as good as I thought. Let me return it.
Now it seems that I should take one size larger for my dress. I will go for a replacement.
Worn it once for an occasion. Let me return it. Who will get to know either way!

Product unfit to use. 
Ordered the wrong size.
Return placed. 
Parcel picked. 
Money refunded/points credited. 

Boom! Sorted.

No. Nothing is sorted!

All this sounds so familiar. Right? Seems like every payday scenario? 

Online shopping has made things so convenient for buyers. Moreover, the new features & policies make it easier for consumers to shop online. As consumers, we now feel powerful because everything is customized to best suit our needs. So much so that we don’t realize the pile of problems created by our reckless shopping.


You may wonder what possible problems irresponsible online shopping can create? Well, there are many. Let's start with an increase in carbon footprint. Already the product travels miles and comes to your house. Now, when you return it, it travels hundreds of kilometers again, to be back at the godown from where it was shipped. All of it increases the carbon footprint.

Then comes an increased logistic burden & expenses. It may occur that without even opening the package, minute changes are made & the product is delivered to a new address.

Unfortunately, it does not work like this. Once you send the product back, the team manually opens your package, which becomes a waste. That brown/white paper is no longer fit to use again, the bills are printed again as per new details, bubble wrapping goes waste and more. In short, the packaging is done all over again, leading to a rise not just logistic burden & expenses.

Extra expenses, wastage, carbon footprint is degrading the quality of work & planet in extra amounts. That’s why it is all the more essential to become a responsible consumer.


A person who thinks & takes sustainable actions every time before he/she clicks the place order button is a responsible consumer. So, if you buy exactly what you need, purchase sustainable products, goods made locally, goods manufactured in ethical conditions & products fit for the environment, then you can call yourself a RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER.


By now, you know the impact of one decision of yours. So why not buy less, consume better & recycle more. Why not let the planet & people prosper together.

As sellers, we design ethical clothing, make responsible choices, use materials that preserve the quality of soil, support local artisans, create almost zero carbon footprint & encourage the well-being of Shibui Sustainers (our consumers). 

So, why not you too make an effort to order the perfect size according to the prevailing waste line. Why not try the new fashion less by mindless shopping & why not buy versatile & better stuff once, rather than purchasing the same set again and again.

After all, it is a matter of one small change in the habit.


  • Planet & People Prosper Together!
  • Consciousness or Carelessness? Choose One!
  • Inculcating Habits! Nurturing Planet!
  • As sellers we have made our responsible choices. When are you?
  • Indulging in mindful shopping every time!
  • Finding beauty in responsibility & simplicity.