They say, “Slow & steady wins the race.” Well, it's true, and time & again, proven too. However, in the fast-moving world, everything is moving at the speed of a jet - emotion, practices, health, wardrobe, materialism, anxiety & so much more!

Patience is getting replaced by impatience. 
Happiness by jealousy.
Health with junk.
Mindfulness by ego.
Ecology by self-satisfaction.

Legit, we want everything in the blink of an eye, and thus, the entire world is working consistently to make things convenient for us. In fact, we too, are on the run, recklessly hustling every moment. Ideas are brought into reality to solve even the slightest inconvenience. 

One click, the order returned. 
One place, trees cut and lodges made. 
One decision, another car bought. 
One tiff, relations shattered. 

But do we sit and introspect for even a second? 

Moving fast is good. Of course, it is! What can be better than not being still and moving, that too, swiftly!!

However, as much as hustle is essential. It is critical to

  • Rest and let our mind & heart settle
  • Introspect on our life cycle 
  • Comprehend & respect our emotions

With another year ending, it’s time to do some soul talk, ponder our actions & with a strong resolve, step into the coming year. We want you to know slow & subtle holds significance in the real world.


You know the feeling of zillion things in mind. It is like a train running in your brain. So occupied with thoughts like - what one will feel, my boss will not accept my proposal, I am stuck in my career, I wanna try vegan food diet, what if I may not be able to live up to my family’s expectations, am I even doing right, so on & so forth. 

YES! We know that moment is one but thoughts are 100, most of them not even connected & a lot of times are derogatory. But they keep inhabiting space & draining our energy. 

Start journaling them, transforming them into positives, letting them make peace. Take one thing at a time. Give space to the brain. It then allows our heart to calm & brings in the acceptance of emotions & thoughts. 

Gentle reminder: Feeling lost or overwhelmed is normal!


What's not normal is not accepting those emotions. Feel the feelings. Don't just keep them under the carpet. Once acceptance comes, analysis of ifs & buts easies.

And then, my friend comes the most vital part - TAKING BABY STEPS TO HANDLE THE HUSTLING SELF. 

With a firm belief in self, affirm to create peace, power & confidence of heart and mind. Repeat to yourself, 'I am strengthening each day.' Find your peacemaker - songs, self-talk, movies, drives, sunset, meditation, affirmations, yoga, dance, writing, painting, singing, or whatsoever.

Give time to what makes you feel at home. 


Trust us, meditation, affirmations, journaling & more are not just buzzwords. On the contrary, they are our best friends that free us from the shackles of fluctuating emotions and anxiety of the hustle world. They fill us with much-needed energy to balance the fast-moving life. 

Slowly molding them into our daily life cycle makes us self-aware and ties us to the center of our heart, pushing us to take steps best in our interest. It allows us to manifest wisdom, courage & compassion, all leading to growth & victory in the long run. That’s why it is significant!

As the new year is just a few days away, let us determine to 

  • Reconnect to the very core of our being
  • Practice self-love
  • Beat the odds one at a time
  • Cultivate conscious choices
  • Relish the sunset more & demean the world less

Let us make a vow to RENEW! REFRESH & RECHARGE ourselves every day and not just once a year.
Let’s not just be but also feel BOLD & BEAUTIFUL!