At Shibui, we have always had the most meaningful and enriching collaborations. Whether it’s the artisanal community we work with or the fellow comrades in the industry, everything has been satisfying, always.

But there is one such collaboration that is the closest to our hearts.

Shibui in collaboration with Aashalata foundation! 
An intention to support the impoverished section of society, especially women. 
A conscious step by the women, for the women of today & tomorrow.


We have always thought of innovative ways to collaborate with the foundation. We never wanted it to be a regular collaboration wherein we donate a sizable percentage of our income. Rather, we wanted them to be a part of our journey. We want them to tread along with us on the noble mission of restoring fashion the earthy way.

Hence, we decided to get them along on our upcycling project, wherein they will not just learn new skills & enhance their talent, but at the same time, enjoy the novelty of fabrics that are different from the regular.

But how do we do it?

Save the residuals (which are minimal).
Send them to the foundation.
Educate the women to work on designs. 
Provide them the supplies.
Women revamp them into beautiful goodies. (Like scrunchies)
Shipping them with the orders as a gift.


Because we believe every inch of fabric can be utilised in every possible way.

Shibui & Ashalata foundation is a harmony of futuristic thoughts. Though the format is different, the ultimate mission is the same. Through the collaboration, we wanted to support underprivileged women and make them believe in a better life, only waiting for them to grab the opportunity. 

Instilling confidence in them by allowing them to work both creatively & consciously so that not just they learn, grow & survive but to ensure their good health that sustains just like our clothing.

We wanted that not just the planet but its people to progress the progressive way. Hence, this collaboration!


Brilliant, Imperishable & Developed Future.

Closing the loop by believing & living with zero waste & sustainable policy, we want to recreate fashion in a way that protects the planet, empowers women & changes the world for the better. 

Sustainer - Expansion in our community which includes people like “You” who make responsible purchases.
Artisanal Life - Working on conscious clothing that uplifts them and does not degrade their health in factories, where they face nothing but only exploitation.
Women Empowerment - Developing them to become strong enough to enjoy better opportunities in the future & lead a life with their families proudly.
Planet Vibe - Good, green & clean vibes only by nurturing fashion practices that maintain ecological & fashion balance daily.

We know the steps are small & we are few who work on it. But we believe in the power of every single person who shops at Shibui & supports the initiative.

Together, we will strive. 
Together, we will thrive. 
Together, we will shine.

Making future greener, brighter & mightier
The Shibui Way!