What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of colors?

So many emotions. Multiple feelings. Yet everything is unique & most importantly, everything is BEAUTIFUL!!

Whether you are all gaga over black or dress up in yellow or mad about the hues of blue, every color adds to your look. It not just adds glamour, elegance, or pop to your style but also adds to your emotions. And that’s how you OWN THE LOOK.

These colors have inspired us to instill joy, uniqueness, energy & power within our sustainers. We have carefully harmonized the emotions into designs with our new collection, “COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL.” With the scintillating fabrics wrapped into beautiful styles & dipped into refreshing colors, this collection is a trip to happiness.


It is a free-spirited clothing collection curated so that you enjoy your original self naturally. It’s a piece of clothing so versatile that you can pair it up & shine for a festival, be refreshing & roam around on the beach, slay in a club, be a statement at the office, or rock in a private party. It’s so adaptable that it will perfectly suit your multifaceted needs. The Georgia Dress, Fiji Top, Napa Long Shirt, Aqua Shirt, Merrylin Dress, Snow Crop Top, Tokyo Pants, and more give you the freedom & complete you, just like the colors, whole in itself. This collection is an everyday-everywhere mood in itself.


When we wander across the streets amidst nature, the colors always inspire us to bloom & glow the way we are. That’s the real beauty. Hence, this collection is about coloring you, our sustainers, in beautiful colors that make nature alluring. Inspired by nature, we have paradise mint green, sunset orange, sunrise yellow, and a deep lagoon to paint you head-to-toe in natural, rejuvenating & soothing colors best suited for morning breeze & evening pleasure. Not to forget, these colors are 100% chemical-free and cause no harm to the beautiful earth, the originator of everything!


Of course, we did not want freedom & beauty to come at any cost, especially anything that costs a fortune to our Mother Earth. So, we have used Tencel in this collection. It may look like nylon, but it is not. It is a plant-derived & biodegradable fabric, free from synthetics & loaded with smoothness, goodness & flare. Our designers & kaarigars have beautifully threaded Tencel into bold cuts, gorgeous ruffles, easy flares & more. All pure & pious made to look simple/heavy depending on how you pair them!

Time to add hues of positivity!
Time to add colors of joy for complete inner happiness, or what we call true beauty!!