For over a decade now, we have been hearing about Go Green & the benefits associated with it. But are we Going Green? Not just that, do we really need to Go Green? 

Of course, yes! 

Whether it’s youth or the older generation, going green is not a one-time choice. It is the duty of every person, every business & every industry in every era to make this planet greener, better & merrier each day.

Now, since we are into Sustainable Fashion, it goes without saying how much we believe in the process! And it is not just our fabrics, dyes, or our practices that are ethical. Our packaging, too, is kind to the planet. As gorgeous & alluring as our clothes are, similarly is our packaging - minimal, earth-friendly & plastic-free. All that you & Mother Earth could ask for!

Let’s find out HOW.

Your order is carefully folded & slipped into 100% organic cotton bags, 10X more sustainable, practical & eco-istic! You can keep your Shibui apparel or your favorite dress/silver jewelry collection/other pieces into these bags for a significant time without being worried about damage to your items. In fact, these cloth bags are washable, reusable & multi-purposeful in every sense.


With every Shibui garment comes a tag which is no less than an instruction manual guiding you on how to take care of the garments you have bought while being on Shibui shop sesh. These tags are made of Kraft paper which is a greener & non-toxic option. We call it a small step towards our planet!


Well, if you come to Shibui, you are sure to feel distinctive in every possible way & connect deeply to the roots. With every order you place, you receive a special Thank You Note. Indeed it is special as it is customized by our founder on plantable paper (biodegradable eco paper) embedded with seeds that grow into health-giving & life-enriching plants like Tulsi or Marigold, allowing the paper to compost away. All you need to do is prepare your pot, plant, water & care after germination. One Order! Multiple Benefits!


No matter how much you shop, you still have an eye for something extra. Shibui packaging has that extra! The freebies you look for! Rooting for sustainability, we practice upcycling. All the leftovers are converted into exciting accessories like bookmarks, scrunchies or more for your everyday use. Not just modern & experimental clothing but also minimal & sustainable accessories you wish to have!


So many clothes! So many goodies! For sure, they have to be wrapped carefully. Finally, all your favorites are wrapped into the excellent quality, high strength, tear-resistant & environmental-friendly Kraft Paper, made out of wood pulp that is biodegradable & recyclable. To give an edge to the packaging and for safe shipment, we tighten up the biodegradable box with water-activated plain paper plastic-free tape that keeps your package safe, till you receive it. 

It may seem as if it is a tedious job to do. But trust me, when you look after the health of your home - Planet Earth, this is a small step that all businesses can adopt to make our home a better place. As far as the expense is concerned, what can be more expensive than our planet getting destroyed every day due to negligent & irresponsible behavior. 

When packaging reduces carbon footprint, minimizes waste & encourages clean air, you should pack all the excuses & challenges into a cage and make your home, your planet Earth a better place!