“Nothing divine dies. All good is eternally reproductive. The beauty of nature reforms itself in the mind, and not for barren contemplation, but for new creation.”

The world is beautiful. It is divine & there are no second thoughts about it. With the help of open-mindedness, we can witness & become aware of the divinity present all around.

Getting lost in the magnificence of the melodious birds chirping, rustling leaves, cool breeze & the perfect blue sky is heavenly. Divinity is having a walk under the open sky on a full-moon night, star gazing & weaving dreams. It is that surreal feeling of waking up to full bloom roses or touching that first batch of tomatoes in your kitchen garden that you have nurtured just like a baby. 

It is often that the small acts & little things in life, which, by the way, remain unnoticed, leave us with a heavenly unforgettable feeling. The same happens to us when we are able to progress on our mission of creating a fashion statement inclusive of environmental health. When we hop from one place to another, understanding the heritage & culture behind every fabric, print, textile & design, the artisans always share how the silhouettes, paint, embossments are all inspired by nature. In fact, those sustainable designs are not just the brilliance of nature expressed innovatively. They are imprints of nurturing nature with their sanctity. Because in no way do they inflict harm upon any creature, individuals involved in the process, or something as big as our environment. And mind you, it is not just a matter of the distant past.

The quote above states that all good is eternally reproductive. So it applies here as well!! Fashion lovers with their artistic brains & never-ending love for nature continue to maintain its integrity with a contemporary approach. For us, all this means the world.

Everyone can have a different perspective about it. But the truth is that there is no end to divinity. In fact, it never dies. 

However, certain things are subjective to the human approach & tendency. The beauty of nature reforms itself in mind & precisely that is why the thoughts fed inside the human mind is of utmost significance. Are they largely self-driven, moderately adjustable, or highly cautious? Because these thoughts will move you towards creations driven towards a wholesome, healthful & fulfilling world.

With industrialism moving at the speed of a jet, we humans also need to scale the sustainable practices at an equivalent level. It’s time we make it our personal mission so that everyone till eternity can enjoy the divinity.

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