“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” “A breath of fresh air.” Or Or “Inhale. Exhale”

Garment dyeing and fabric making

Our fabric is handcrafted and hand-dyed by Indian artisans. As opposed to conventional dyeing techniques, we decided to head back to our roots. They are not only eco-friendly but also humane and packed with surprising health benefits. Our fabrics are ethically made in small batches as it helps not only the environment but also helps to preserve the traditional handloom techniques of the artisans.

Product manufacturing

Using handspun and organic fabrics, our skilled karigars are dedicated workers who create for longevity while bringing simple, minimalistic designs to life. We believe in fair wages and safe working conditions as our social responsibility to support and uplift our team of hardworking craftsmen, who employ environment-friendly and sustainable practices throughout the production process to ensure a low carbon footprint.


We, as a community, believe in contributing towards the upliftment of society. Therefore, we team up with NGOs that support our causes and help us reach the people who require our assistance and vice versa. In the future, we want to continue helping people by the help of NGOs like Aashalata foundation.