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Our Story

Together, our family weaves beautiful bonds, passionately driven to fulfill the mission of creating a balance in the fashion industry and society as a whole.

“Colors of the earth, From the earth.”

Shibui represents the simple and aesthetic beauty, which knows it’s origin as a conscious brand. 

Together with our artisans, we work on our eco-friendly & recyclable clothing, manufactured in the noblest way.

We believe in fair wages and safe working conditions as our social responsibility to support and uplift our team of hardworking craftsmen.

 Using handspun and organic fabrics, our skilled artisans are dedicated workers who create for longevity while bringing simple, minimalistic designs to life. Over time, it has helped us realize that there are eco-friendly alternatives to save the environment and be conscious as a producer of garments.

As opposed to conventional dyeing techniques, we decided to head back to our roots. Nature-based dyes go back thousands of years and form the very core of our foundation. They are not only eco-friendly, but also humane and packed with surprising health benefits.