The Zero Waste Journey

“Refuse what you do not need; reduce what you do need; reuse what you consume; and don’t forget to recycle whatever you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse”

Our belief in zero waste policy is the soul behind our sustainable goals and here at Shibui, we collect even the tiniest of our unused fabric and turn them into a masterwork to bring a beautiful smile on your face.

The journey begins with designing the minimal cuts and then not even leaving the slightest of the left-outs to design into our up-cycled scrunchies, bookmarks and pouches.

Right from our striking clothes to packaging we believe in no plastic. We work with the biodegradable packaging options such the paper boxes and cloth bags to add the textural layer synonymous wit our aesthetics and to serve the best products to our customers.

From the minimalistic usage of water to avoidance of harsh chemicals. Shibui travels the extra mile in taking care of environmental impacts. All our handspun fabrics left as waste are not disposed of in water and soil, though we go creative with that. Beautiful and dainty accessories are made out of them to lessen our harmful impacts.

When you take a step with us, it feels good that someone cares too!