The Brand Story

Earth is our heart and sustainability is our fuel. When they both met, a conscious label was born!

Shibui, a Japanese word, refers to the simple and aesthetic beauty, which knows it’s origin as a conscious brand. Our name was born with such an exceptional essence for sustainable fashion as it contains inner beauty and feels protective toward the planet Earth.

Shibui is a perfect amalgation of our eco friendly and recyclable clothing, manufactured in the noblest way.

Originated to bring the wave of simplicity and sustainability in our ‘environmentally damaged” world, we started our take on aesthetic fashion, and an eco-clothing mood with our zero waste resolution.

Our brand, represents the aesthetic and subtle handcrafted fashion. For us, sustainable growth is quality woven from the place of consciousness.
We at Shibui, are comitted to driving the awareness of how consumers think about Indian Crafts.

Every handspun thread and handwoven fabrics are 100% harmless, pure and voice sustainability. We put emphasis on using traditional and recyclable textiles that allow us to add a never-ending touch of appeal to our comfortable silhouettes for women, irrespective of their body shape and size.

To top it off, wearing clothes made out of eco-friendly and biodegradable fabrics can take you one-step ahead to the environment. We unleash creativity in every clothing item putting our mind and soul into it all to create simple and essential designs that are meticulously curated from recyclable fabrics.

Enwrap yourself in the contemporary beauty of Shibui – an art of simplicity.

Everyday Sustainable. Everyday Beautiful. Everyday Shibui!